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‚ÄčThe third article analysis "Presence", the work of Peter Senge, illustrates the need for transformation and personal change for modern management. pdf File Name: 11302015104446-000_20151214-171319_1.pdf File Size: 155 kb Download File
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Leadership and Caregiver Flourishing in Assisted Living

This second article describes leadership and caregiver flourishing as implicating quality of life for residents differently by time of day and by type of leadership. Four hypotheses were tested using Structural Equation Modeling to determine the extent of causality. file File Name: 11302015104514-0001.pdf File Size: 409 kb Download File
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Transition from Conventional to Organic Viticulture

My penchant for learning is infinite and everlasting. This drove me to complete a doctorate in management at the Weatherhead School, Case Western University in Cleveland - a fine school with a professional team of engaged scholars working at the cusp of the latest research methods. I cannot say enough good things about this excellent school.My research interests centered around the importance of caregivers and a quality of life in long term care and a need to maintain a steady, and caring staff. I also dabbled with other interests: Organic wine making and the need to produce a flourishing "clean" product; the litigation process which crushes the innovative concept of assisted living in a more bound legal system lacking intended justice. The...
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